GPU Computing

Also known as massively parallel computing, GPU computing uses inexpensive graphic cards to accelerate all sorts of calculations.

Why GPU Computing May Be Essential for Your Organization

With GPU, you can expect at least an order of magnitude of acceleration.
Secondly, energy consumption for the same calculations is greatly reduced, in many cases running in as little as a twentieth of the energy needed by a cluster of CPUs to perform the same computation. Additionally, there is "portability", running on a laptop what previously required a cluster of computers.

Applications That Profit Most from GPU Computing

This technology magnifies efficiency in all sorts of applications with intense calculations, such as computation fluid dynamics, particle simulations, image and video processing, financial calculations, spatial data analysis, calculations requiring the Fast Fourier Transform, Montecarlo methods, and so on.

Where Wavecrafters Comes In

Our team can help you analyze your program to determine how GPU computing fits your needs. Many applications can easily be made parallel, to the immediate profit of your organization. Depending on the algorithms used, expecting a speed increase of 10 times is not unreasonable. Ask for our help!

Time Frame for GPU Transition

Usually for a relatively small time investment, the benefits of the GPU model can be quite significant. The first level of acceleration (2x-10x) usually represents 20% of the total transition time. The second level(10x-100x), when such acceleration is possible, takes the other 80%. We like to understand the field in which we are working as deeply as possible, and some time dedicated to research and tests should be expected. During that period we listen carefully to your answers to our inquiries in order to best meet your specific needs.

Maintaining Your Autonomy

A strong organization may be hesitant to depend on an external company for such a core part of its software. At Wavecrafters, we respect this and make sure that your organization remains completely independent. An integral part of our services is the thorough training of your developers, guaranteeing that the maintenance of your software remains in your hands. If you choose to work with us again, it will be to explore further possibilities, not because you are trapped with code you don't understand.
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